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Hello Mello Bridal Party Gifts Break the Mold

by Faith W June 03, 2017

Hello Mello Bridal Party Gifts Break the Mold

Your girls deserve Hello Mello lounge wear because they are your girls. They showed up as their most lady-like selves for your bridal shower. They pulled the complete 180 and went absolutely nuts with you for your bachelorette party. They have showered you in gifts- both intangibles like time and emotional support and tangibles presents. Some of them may have even indulged your ill-advised DIY wedding ambitions, hot gluing until their fingers wanted to fall off.  They did not even cringe that much when you were entertaining chartreuse as the color of the bridesmaid dresses (but they did all breathe a sigh of relief when you ultimately chose blush instead).

The long and short of it is that at this most important of times in your life – your wedding- your girls have talked the talk and walked the walk beyond what you could of expected. How can you say thank you for something so significant?

Give the Unexpected with Hello Mello

The answer isn’t monogrammed throw pillows or expensive strings of pearls. The answer, my weary friend, is that they are just as tired as you are. And after squeezing in to all manner of fashionably uncomfortable clothing items, they are ready for a break.

Hello Mello: the Gift That Says "Take A Break, Girlfriend"

Enter Hello Mello, the lounge wear your ladies deserve.Best Rest Hello Mello Shorts Amazingly soft, insanely stretchy, beautifully patterned- these pants have everything going for them. After everything you girls have done for you, your bride tribe just wants to relax. So help them do that by giving them the gift of Hello Mello pants and shorts. Not only will these be the thoughtful, much appreciated bridal party gift, it is something your girls will actually use again and again.  Lets break the tradition of stuffy, overly formal bridal party gifts. Give them a present they really want and deserve. Hello Mello loungewear is that present. And do not forget to treat yourself to a pair, too- like these deliciously purple Best Rest pajama shorts.

Faith W
Faith W


Size Charts

Sizes for Fitkicks shoes and Sidekicks shoes are set by the manufacturers.  Here are their published size recommendations:


sizes for fitkicks shoes and sidekicks shoes


There are no other sizes of authentic Fitkicks shoes and Sidekicks shoes, though you may see them listed in other marketplaces with different size equivalents.  Those changes are usually made by the retailer and represent their opinions.

CC Sidewalk prefers to list the manufacturers’ size recommendations as the standard.  But we do offer our own opinions.

Sizes for Fitkicks Shoes

The Fit kicks shoe upper is mostly spandex and quite stretchy.  However, the toe patch is microfiber and does not stretch much.  We recommend one size larger if you are near the top of a size bracket, and definitely the larger size if you are in-between.  The ankle opening is high on the foot.  The shoes are true to size as long as your feet and ankles are pretty much average (aka medium).  If they are wider, thicker, sensitive to tightness in the toes, or otherwise have a disease process such as diabetes, then choose one size larger.  The larger size will not be loose or floppy.

Sizes for Sidekicks Shoes

The Sidekicks shoes are meant to cover a larger size range, and the upper openings are elastic with reasonable stretch.  The Energy/Glitter line offers the most stretchable uppers, followed by Original and Animal.  The Patent line is pretty stiff and does not stretch much at all.  If your feet are wider, thicker, sensitive to tightness in the toes, or otherwise have a disease process such as diabetes, then choose one size larger.  The larger size may be a little bit loose.