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Vogmask Wards Off Summertime Travel Blues

by Faith W May 27, 2017

Vogmask Wards Off Summertime Travel Blues

Vogmask is about to save you a heap of inconvenience this summer. Sounds unreal? Read on.

Vogmask to the Rescue!

Summer time travel is upon us. The quickest way to ruin any vacation is through feeling crummy- but how can you avoid it after being cooped up on a plane full of stranger’s germs for hours on end? One can only drink so many weird-tasting health boosters.  As tempting as it may be to sanitize everything every 5 seconds, who has that kind of time?

Vogmasks are the simple, stylish solution.  Each one fits comfortably over your mouth and nose, then the charcoal filter helps to remove germs, allergens, pollution, and other particulates.  The variety of styles is sure to have one that matches your personality. Check out a staff favorite, the Hummingbird- the bright florals are perfectly on trend for the season. Once you are breathing easier, you may actually start relaxing and enjoying your vacation sooner.

Wearing Your Vogmask Beyond the Flight

And why stop once you are off the plane? Hummingbird VogmaskDepending on where your travels take you, varying levels of air pollution or unfamiliar pollen are both still very real concerns. Let your Vogmask unburden your mind so you can soak in every minute of this much-need vacation without breathing in anything unsavory.

This summer, don’t let anything get in the way of you and your vacation. Order Vogmasks for the whole family, and kiss your air-related concerns goodbye!

Faith W
Faith W


Size Charts

Sizes for Fitkicks shoes and Sidekicks shoes are set by the manufacturers.  Here are their published size recommendations:


sizes for fitkicks shoes and sidekicks shoes


There are no other sizes of authentic Fitkicks shoes and Sidekicks shoes, though you may see them listed in other marketplaces with different size equivalents.  Those changes are usually made by the retailer and represent their opinions.

CC Sidewalk prefers to list the manufacturers’ size recommendations as the standard.  But we do offer our own opinions.

Sizes for Fitkicks Shoes

The Fit kicks shoe upper is mostly spandex and quite stretchy.  However, the toe patch is microfiber and does not stretch much.  We recommend one size larger if you are near the top of a size bracket, and definitely the larger size if you are in-between.  The ankle opening is high on the foot.  The shoes are true to size as long as your feet and ankles are pretty much average (aka medium).  If they are wider, thicker, sensitive to tightness in the toes, or otherwise have a disease process such as diabetes, then choose one size larger.  The larger size will not be loose or floppy.

Sizes for Sidekicks Shoes

The Sidekicks shoes are meant to cover a larger size range, and the upper openings are elastic with reasonable stretch.  The Energy/Glitter line offers the most stretchable uppers, followed by Original and Animal.  The Patent line is pretty stiff and does not stretch much at all.  If your feet are wider, thicker, sensitive to tightness in the toes, or otherwise have a disease process such as diabetes, then choose one size larger.  The larger size may be a little bit loose.