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Fitkicks Special Edition New Colors!

Fitkicks shoes has introduced two new colors to the Special Edition line - Deep Rhythm and Coco Palm. The striking black and white detail of deep rhythm is sure to be popular, and the soft soothing colors of coco palm will make your heart smile as your nerves relax. Fitkicks shoes are so durable and comfortable that adding new colors to your wardrobe will feel like meeting new friends.

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Fitkicks Special Edition Deep Rhythm

deep rhythm special edition fitkicks shoes, black and white

Transcend into a pre-tech era, where tribal dance connects you to the land and sky.  Rise to greet your inner warrior and embrace intrinsic movement to the simplicity of black and white.

Fitkicks Special Edition Coco Palm

coco palm special edition fitkicks shoes, green and pink

Lose yourself in the relaxed shade of lush palms accented with exotic flamingo pink.  Escape your daily chaos and enjoy a tropical getaway for your feet.

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As with the entire fit kicks line, these new special edition colors are made with stretchy spandex uppers, microfiber toe patches, and decorative elastic accents. The sole is the rugged yet flexible Flex Form sole technology that forms to your foot over time providing an almost barefoot - yet super comfortable and protected - fit and feel.